Monday, August 4, 2008

For Amanda

So Amanda and Sarah are at Agility Nationals this week in New Brunswick and I'm looking after some of Amanda's dogs - Sam and Boone will be with me until next Tuesday, but Vito is just here for the night and is going to Sandy's tomorrow night. We were a little unsure how Boone would do at our place so he came over one afternoon for "coffee" and Amanda stayed at our house last weekend when we went to Cranbrook with all her dogs (and ours). And it worked. Boone is doing great! He and Lacey played outside and he isn't even doing his usual "nesting" (finding something to hide under or in), he is laying down right in the open. He has spent some time under the bench in the livingroom but most of his time is spent out with the rest of us. He doesn't seem to like the basement much though so as I type this, I just have Vito, Sam and Coulee at my feet.

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Go Dog Go said...

awww! thanks for the update! I am so glad Boonie is doing good. Makes me feel much better! And the other boys look happy too...I heard that Vito had some fun with the toilet paper rolls at Sandy's :o)