Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Dogpark Fun

Amanda and I went out with the kids again this weekend. They had lots of fun as usual...

Coulee and Lacey play together quite a bit these days.

They were all supposed to be posing at the top of the hill for a picture. I guess I wasn't fast enough.

Coulee was the only one brave enough to actually swim. The other three just stayed on shore waiting for her to bring back the stick.

Lacey really wanted that stick!


Anonymous said...

lol! I love the second picture. It looks like Coulee has a grey old lady tail!!

Deirdre said...

Too funny - Coulee has an audience!

Tracy Carter said...

Just found your blog, Coulee is gorgeous --a golden bc mix? Best of both worlds! Feel free to ship her to me any day. : )