Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The new Jackson

So Lacey's best "big dog friend" Jackson moved away a few months ago. I was pretty sad to see him go because she really enjoyed playing with him. He was like a favorite uncle to all the smaller dogs as he would let them bite his tail, hang off his scruff and tackle him to the floor. It didn't take Suka long to fill Jackson's opening - at least with Lacey. She isn't as tolerant as Jackson with all the small dogs but she quite enjoys Lacey and will get upset if they aren't in the same play area.

Coulee is spending the day home with Marlin. He took a few days off work after being out of town all last week. Lacey stayed home yesterday with the two of them but she wasn't quite as content as Coulee. Marlin found her nibbling on a few items that didn't belong to her. (I now have a pair of crotchless underwear.) It is a good thing she is cute!

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Deirdre said...

Oh yes, Cricket made sure I had a number of pairs like that when she was younger...I always wondered if she was telling me something. LOL