Sunday, September 21, 2008

Very Brave

When we got out to Alta-Pete's we were in time to watch Scott's dog, bring the sheep in from the pasture. It was pretty amazing to watch.

Then we watched Judy with her dog Sadie have their lesson. It was only Sadie's second lesson but she was doing great!

Then it was Lacey's turn...

Lacey was very brave and showed a lot of spunk out sheep herding. The only time she acted a little timid was when the sheep got into a corner. And I can hardly blame her. The one "whiter" sheep kept stomping his foot at her. It felt threatening to me too. When I was looking through the photos I noticed that it was the whiter one that always seemed to be on its own that Lacey had to try and herd back to the group - maybe that is why it was so ornery. But by the end, she was coming with me into the corners and "shooing" the sheep out. We kept her on a long leash so she couldn't get into too much trouble. She went hard until about the last 5 minutes and it was obvious the adrenaline had run out, and she was pooped. Marlin was Lacey's official photographer for the day!

Just as we were finishing Veronica and Mike showed up with their pups and we got to watch Ozark for a little bit.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day!

Oh yeah, I should also mention that when we got home, COULEE WOVE WITHOUT ANY GATES!!!!! Just once, but we did a pretty big happy dance in the backyard. My neighbors probably thought I was nuts!


manymuddypaws said...

awesome! Look at little lacey go! I love the last one you posted of her. ;o) her liitle butt is awful cute!

Sarah said...


i've never seen a lancashire heeler herd before!!!


great photos!

onecollie said...

yah, those Lancashire heelers are naturals!!!
Great pictures Marlin!!!!....
Lacey looks to be a natural.!!!