Friday, October 3, 2008

Agility Trial

Coulee is entered in her first ever out of town agility trial. It is just a one day thing and she is entered in all three events - 2 gamblers and 1 standard run.  She still isn't weaving (although she did do 4 the other day) which is fine for the gamblers courses.  I guess we'll just run past the weave poles again.  Sigh!  One day she'll get it.  We've been practicing like crazy but she hasn't had her lightbulb moment yet.

Marlin took the girls for a walk yesterday.  He had the day off and they spent the day with him. Much to my horror, I arrived home to a burr covered Coulee.  And I mean burr covered.  I had to either hack them out with scissors or spend two hours torturing her.  I chose to hack them out with scissor - no mean feat.  It took close to 30 minutes and we still didn't get them all.  We even had to get 4 from between her toes - that couldn't have felt good.  But the good news is, Amanda finally got to shave her ears. They aren't as pretty as she'd like them because I had done such a brutal job last night but she definitely has lab ears now!  Her tail is also more lab than retriever!  Poor girl.  She is going to look funny for her out of town agility debut.  Coulee was too embarrassed to pose for a picture but I'm sure I'll get some this weekend.


Stephanie V said...

Poor Coulee! Good luck for her trials. Good thing looks don't count :)

onecollie said...

oh no!!!! poor Coulee!! put her shirt on, she'll feel better!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Good Luck!!!!