Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Must be Grumpy

So I went to the Optometrist this morning. I had never been there before so I thought I should go early in case there was paperwork to fill out. Turns out they didn't open until my appointment so I spent 10 minutes standing in the cold wind trying not to shiver.

So once I was finally let in, things went smoothly. I met with the tech, she did some tests and then I was left in the exam room. I sat there, and sat there, and sat there. 45 minutes after I started my appointment the actual Optometrist showed up. I think he had just arrived. I was definitely the first appointment so I'm assuming I'm the first patient he saw. So the exam went okay - my eyes have actually improved. Like a lot! We are both surprised I'm not getting headaches every night.

When I was done they took me back downstairs to pay and set up an appointment for a contact fitting. They could only offer me time slots from 4:30 - 5:00. Those don't work for me - EVER. I told her that. She came back with, "That is all we have". So I told them again "That doesn't work for me". They seemed to think things would have changed in the last two seconds. So they are going to check with the Dr. and get back to me. So then, anticipating a problem, I asked for my prescription so I could go elsewhere. "The Dr. needs to sign it and he is with another patient..." Sigh. Why that isn't a standard item to take with you after an eye appointment I don't know. Scratch that, I do know - they want to make more money off me. Don't most people shop around for different glasses frames? So now I have to go back and pick up my prescription. Goody.


Sarah said...

hey you should see my optometrist - they are really flexible with hours (fittings etc) and really great all round - i can give you his name if you want.

unless of course i'm lying and its the same DR!

Tracy said...

I'd offer up mine as well... but I don't think you want to travel to Florida to have an eye appointment! : )

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had heard of (I went to the first Cowbelly workshop and someone had cards from there) but I had forgotten about them. I already ordered my dog and cat cards but I'm going to check them out anyway. Hopefully I'll have so much interest that I'll run out of cards soon! : )

ps. I LOVE that photo of Lacey over on the right... she looks like such a cool dog! She looks like what I call a little big dog. A little dog that looks like she should be big! And not to leave out Coulee... what a fun, playful shot of her!