Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Q!

Coulee did great today at the one day agility trial and actually got a Q in Gamblers. Scarily enough we are now halfway to our first title - Starters Games (or something like that - I'm not really sure what it is called.

Her first run was gamblers and we had a bit of a rough start. She didn't want to do what I wanted her to. Instead she thought she knew the best path. So after trying to call her back a few times I just went with the flow. After the first few obstacles we were back in sync and things went very smoothly. I didn't send her through any mini gambles but she got enough points in the opening round and nailed her main gamble and earned her Q. I think she had 52 points.

Her second run was Standard. You know how last post I was talking about her lightbulb moment? Well she had it last night and actually weaved around a dozen times (don't worry Amanda, it was in two separate sessions...) I had to keep sending her through to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. So I was excited to try the weave poles in the standard run. The only problem is that it was 12 poles, not 6. Coulee has never laid eyes on 12. Amanda suggested I didn't push my luck so we just ran past them. The only other little bobble was when she decided the judge looked friendly, and possibly a little lonely so she went over to say hi. She came back when I called but her entry onto the teeter was awkward and she ended up missing her contact. Other than that, the run was smooth and flawless.

The last run was another Gamblers. Coulee was shockingly unfocused and apparently so was I. I started before anyone was ready so we started again. I should mention that twice today she left her start line and ran out of the ring. Nice. She thought Amanda also looked lonely and needed someone to visit. So after she was back in the ring and everyone was ready for us to start, we started - badly. I was on the wrong side. Regardless, we tried to regroup and weave (Even though I had technically moved up to Advance, we stayed in Starters because we weren't ready for Advanced - those damn weave poles again!). She tried a few times to weave and never quite got it (yes Amanda, you were right) so we moved on. She ran the rest great - got two mini gambles and the final gambles. As I wasn't trying to rack up points in the opening, I'm not sure we made the minimum or not but regardless it was a great run.

Coulee was definitely a superstar this weekend and I don't think I felt like strangling her once - now that is something to celebrate!


Marcy said...


Sarah said...

hey and we didn't want to strangle you once either - si it was good!!!

great job wendy and coulee!!!!!! you guys looked great!

onecollie said...

Coulee is so considerate, caring for all the lonely people...hey, isn't that in a Beatles song?!!
Anyway, congrats you guys, well done!

Kim said...

You guys were great! It was very exciting watching you get your first Gambers 'Q' at your first "away" trial.