Saturday, November 22, 2008

Writing on Stone

Jolene and I ventured out to Writing on Stone today. She moved here more than a year ago and had still never been there. I hope the scenery blew her away - it is amazing there.

We took the dogs down the Hoodoo Trail and they had a great time at the end racing around near the river (don't tell anyone they were off leash!) There was only one other group of people there when we were so the park was pretty quiet.

Tate wouldn't stop staring and barking at my pocket that had food until I finally gave him one.

Kort and Lacey enjoy tugging on a stick.
Tate got the zoomies, and Jolene couldn't stop laughing.

Lacey isn't normally a big fan of toys but she was sure happy to have the little Raspberry.  She paraded it around for quite some time - much to Coulee's dismay.
Me and the girls.
Just the girls
Jackie (our foster dog with the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue) also got to come along for the ride. She didn't come on our long walk through the hoodoos - I didn't think I could handle 3 - but she did get to come up to the visitor centre with us.
Ummm. Yeah. Apparently sitting on picnic tables is what you do when you are a stray. I probably kicked her off a dozen times and she just kept hopping back up. Thankfully she doesn't do this on my kitchen table!


Stephanie V said...

Nice sweater :)

Paws on the Run said...

Thanks! It kept me nice and warm! :)

onecollie said...

too funny....we picked all different pictures to show, except for Lacey running! And yes, I was blown away by the views!

manymuddypaws said...

great shot of jackie!!! I am going to use it on the blog!