Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Centre of Attention

Well my visit in Nelson didn't last long. Marlin tried to make it out to us but the route he chose was really snowy, really slow and not very safe. So he turned around and headed for home. Dad and Shelley were also planning on leaving Nelson that day and as I had carpooled with them from Cranbrook, I hitched a ride back. After a very long day of driving, I made it home safe and sound.

Marlin and I celebrated Christmas again yesterday morning and then spent the day doing nothing. It was great. Today, I've done not much more but I did join Jolene and Amanda for a short walk in the snow.

The girls had an absolute blast.

Lacey didn't stop running the whole time and seemed to have everyone else chasing her (well other than Wicca and Boone who didn't want to play).

Kort was a little obsessive and Lacey finally told him to back off.

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