Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Perfect Dog

Jackie is about as close to perfect as a dog can get. She barely barks (and only after my 2 have been going on, and on and on. I bet she wouldn't bark at all without anyone encouraging her!), she loves to snuggle, she loves to run, she completely ignores our cat, she is good with kids, she is quiet and calm in the house, she plays with dogs of all temperaments, sizes and ages and she has a pretty long fuse.

The only time I've ever seen her act inappropriately is over a toy. But in the few weeks she has been with me she only had 3 episodes in the first week and only 1 episode this week - and that was after putting up with a pushy puppy all day long at daycare. I could hardly blame her! And when I say "episode", I mean a quick snark that is all bark and no bite.

She really better get adopted this weekend at the adoption fair. I'm not sure how anyone could meet her and not fall in love. I think she would fit in well with just about anyone - a family, a single person, an active person, a couch potato, a young person, an old person, as a second pet, or as the only pet. She would be anything you want her to be. All she wants, is to be with you.


Sarah said...

what's one more??


she shine's in her photos, i really like her too!!

Anonymous said...

I love Jackie too. I am glad I got to share her with someone that loves her as much as I do.