Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Favourite Things

Amanda, the corgi kids and Boone listed their favourite things and suggested we do the same. So here are the best things ever according to Lacey and Coulee.

  1. Baby Cuz - You just can't get enough of Baby Cuz. And if you aren't as addicted to it as Coulee, it is fun to steal it from her just to bug her.
  2. Morning Snuggles (oops, maybe this is one of my favourite things!)
  3. Food - they are apparently starving at all times and would eat anything you tried to give them.
  4. Walks - what dog doesn't like walks?  My girls prefer to go commando (off leash) but will settle for a leash walk if they can pull like the dickens and bark at everything they see.  Otherwise, where is the fun?
  5. Pillows - big, soft, fluffy pillows.  Does the bed count as a giant pillow?
  6. Have we mentioned Baby Cuz?

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