Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Time

Marlin and I went out with the girls this afternoon. It was gorgeous out - sunny and around 10 C. The dog park wasn't too busy as it was close to supper time, so we were able to play quite a bit of fetch.

We threw the frisbee for a bit but after we were done, Coulee hunted down a tennis ball and was pretty relentless trying to get us to throw it. Marlin eventually gave it a few tosses, much to Coulee's delight.


manymuddypaws said...

great photos wendy! I like the one of Marlin and the girls!

and the one of Coulee and her fuzzy toes is great!

onecollie said...

the one of Marlin & the girls is wonderful I love it.....look at Coulee's back feet in the first photo, they are almost touching her chin!!!

StellaStar said...

Coulee is hilarious in those ball catching photos (even though in the one, she is a bit PAST catching it)! The one of Marlin and the dogs is fantastic :)