Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Annoying Little "Brother"

When Vito comes to stay with us, he is almost no work at all as he fits in so well. He plays with Lacey, and he and Coulee have this weird agreement to pretend the other doesn't exist. I've never seen them play together at all. They sometimes wrestle with Lacey at the same time but they are careful not to touch each other. Sometimes Vito steals Coulee's toy but she wouldn't dare try and take it back from him. They've never growled, or snapped or snarled at each other. They just don't acknowledge each other.

That all changes when we go for a walk by the river. Apparently when Coulee swims, she is irresistible! He just barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks. Seriously. I can't get him to be quiet. At all. He doesn't want the toy - he didn't once take it, even once she had dropped it. He didn't ever try and wrestle with her. I have no idea what he wants.

As for Coulee, I'm shocked. She still just completely ignores him. There was no lip curling, no snarling, no nothing. Just a look of annoyance on her face and a slight lean away from him with her body. I've never had so many pictures of her eyes closed while fetching before but I think she is trying to block out the noise.

This time too, Vito barked even once we went back to dry land... at least until Coulee dried off a little. Once she was no long soaking wet, he lost interest.

Something about the water makes Vito a little crazy. But I still love him. Coulee may not though.


manymuddypaws said...

OMG! Wendy that is an awesome shot of him at the end.

What a brat.

I think he is herding her...although he doesn't bark when he herds sheep. Something about her is very exciting I guess....

Thanks for taking him on your walk and torturing everyone... :o)

PoochesForPeace said...

Hmm that's weird. Maybe he's worried about Coulee being in the water or something lol

onecollie said...

awwwww, look at her crooked wet feet LOL!