Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not So Private

So Coulee didn't exactly get a private walk last night. We decided to take the whole crew instead.

Vito is waiting for the Cuz to be thrown
Lacey!  What are you doing?
Boone was pretty happy to get the Cuz.
I'm not sure how Coulee managed to not have any followers... maybe Lacey is holding them back by the tail.
Pretty girl.
Vito only had eyes for the Cuz.
The girls running and playing.
Boone with his back-up close behind.
Doesn't Marlin look like he is having fun?  ;)
Pixel taking a breather.
Lacey, stalking her next tail.
Waiting for the inevitable throw.
Vito making sure he is close enough to steal the toy once she puts in down.


Anonymous said...

omg they are cute. i miss them. but i am glad they are having fun! :o)

Blazingstar said...

I love the one of Marlin and the whole pack!