Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Lacey has been doing lots of new stuff lately. Ever since we stayed out at Liz and Andy's and she had to cross the river, she has been swimming. For a while, I thought she was just walking in deep water as her butt was always up in the air, but today it was obvious that her butt just floats when she swims.

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And with her new found swimming skill she was actually trying to fetch the toy! She couldn't beat Coulee of course, but if we held Coulee back, she would swim out and get it.

I've been wanting to get her DNA tested to find out what she is. Maybe one of her long lost relatives is a retriever. :) (The only reason I haven't gotten her tested is because the test I want to do doesn't have cattle dog as one of the breeds that they look for and as that is what I think is one of her major breeds, I haven't seen the point.)

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PoochesForPeace said...

Exciting! She's such a unique dog :) And the floating butt thing is just hilarious.