Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rainy Morning

We snuck in a walk this morning before it started raining too much.

I left the camera in the car because I wasn't sure when it was going to start to pour. But on our way back, Coulee ran through this huge patch of burgundy coloured shrubs and I couldn't resist going back to the van to get the camera.

We didn't get much for fall colours this year. It got too cold, too quick and the leaves didn't have much time to turn colour before dying. So I was pleased to find this patch of shrubbery that wasn't brown.


Sam said...

What pretty pictures. Looks like we're going to get beat out on a lot of the color, too.. we did get some nice hikes in recently, but the wind has been awful and is taking all the leaves down.

onecollie said...

looks pretty brown to me! LOL!!