Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Secret Obsession

I really want this.

Do I need a new camera? Not really. The one I have serves me quite well but I have a three main complaints that I believe the 7D would help with. :)

  1. Focusing - When taking pictures of a dog when it is running towards me, my autofocus lags and I end up with their shoulders in focus and their head blurry. I've ruined many a good photo this way. In fact it drives me quite batty. The new Canon 7D has (according to the reviews anyway) a fabulous new focusing feature that will help improve sports photography and "fast moving furry creatures" photography (although surprisingly the reviews don't specifically mention anything about furry creatures).
  2. ISO - If I am trying to get pictures of fast moving furry creatures as mentioned above, I need to have a fairly fast shutter speeds to avoid blur. This isn't always possible when it isn't sunny or bright out. For example this morning, I was taking pictures at ISO 100, and I think my shutter speed was 160 at my largest aperture (F2.8 for you camera geeks). So the dogs pretty much had to be stationary for a picture Even at ISO 400 I wouldn't have quite a fast enough shutter speed (I usually aim for at least an 800 shutter speed) for a dog like Coulee running at full speed. And if I bumped the ISO up higher than 400 my pictures will look really grainy, and even at 400 don't always look that hot. The 7D has much better resolution at the higher ISO's.
  3. I hate hauling my camera back and forth to work every day. I often haul it home and then don't even use it. Then when I leave it at work, I wish I had it. It would be really nice to have a daycare camera, and a "me" camera. This isn't nearly as important as the other two reasons as I can just suck it up and it really isn't a big deal. I wouldn't even need to buy any new lenses. I rarely use the zoom lens at work and I just purchased a higher grade lens that replaced the original kit lens. I guess the point is - both cameras would be used so I wouldn't be "wasting" one.
Tomorrow, weather permitting, I'm going up to Calgary to the Digital Photo Expo mainly to sit in on some of the seminars. And while I'm there I just might check out the 7D. But I promise not to bring it home... yet.

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