Friday, February 5, 2010


Lacey has been practicing learning to catch.  She is able to catch treats if they drop straight down (still struggling if you throw them up first) and she has even caught the occasion frisbee for Marlin!  So I thought I'd try with the ball.

Ummm.  A little late opening your mouth.  Here try again.

Don't just close your eyes!  How are you going to catch it that way. Here Coulee will demonstrate the proper technique.  Are you watching?

Did you notice how she has opened her mouth?  Look her eyes are even open so she can see it come.  Lacey, try again.


Don't give me that look.  You can't get to play catch with treats every day.  Oh OK.

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Michelle said...

How cute! I love where she's turning her face away - what a doll. I wonder what a photo series of Grady trying to catch would look like. Probably a whole series of photos with him just looking confused as the ball whacks him repeatedly.