Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Poor Butt

Marlin and I hit the highway today on our bikes.  We went to Park Lake Provincial Park.  It is only 15 km away from our home so it was a pretty decent landmark to head to.

The weather couldn't have been better. It was gorgeous.  Blue skies, barely any wind (at least on the way out) and quite warm. I was actually wearing capris!

The route out to the park is on highways that are pretty quiet. We went long stretches without seeing any vehicles.

I got a gorilla tripod for Christmas just so I could strap it on my bike.  All these pictures were taken from the handlebars of my bike and often while moving!  I was too nervous to use it on the way out (I was a little afraid I would crash and burn) but I plucked up the courage on the way home.  I'm planning on doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer with my camera strapped to the front of my bike.

We had a brief snack at Park Lake.  We also looked for the owls that used to nest there but it looks like they have moved elsewhere.  :(  There was quite a lot of damage to the trees in the area.  I'm not sure when that happened but the nest was probably destroyed at the same time as there was no evidence of it left.

I was surprised by how much snow was out there!

My legs did great, my lungs did great but my butt needs work!  After about 12 km I started to feel every bump in the road.  We actually had to take "Bum Breaks" on the way home.

And the best part about the ride was spending time with Marlin.  Not that we could talk much while riding.  Maybe that is what made it so great!  ;)  (Just joking!)


manymuddypaws said...

looks like you two had fun!

onecollie said...

love that picture of both of you !!