Sunday, February 7, 2010


I got our CD of pictures from Kristy the other day and I can't believe at how much I laughed.  We have to be the worst family ever to photograph.  No one was being very cooperative.

This was our first attempt at a family photo.  Coulee thought she'd show her good side.

This is what Marlin does when you ask him to give a real smile.

But aside from the funny ones, that I'll need to pull out on days when I'm feeling blue, Kristy got some great pictures of the family!  I think this one is my favourite.

Look Marlin.  A REAL smile!  See how much better it is?  ;)

When I interacted with the pups, all I got was sass!  (And while I know I could loose a few pounds, I feel compelled to tell all of you that I am wearing long underwear under these jeans so I may look a little less "slender" than I should.)  :)

Finally I get some love.

This one was taken right after Marlin was tricked into kissing me for a photo.  He does NOT seem impressed!

That's better!

Wow.  We are all together and looking in the same direction.  Now if only Marlin could SMILE!  (Don't worry, I bug him about smiling all the time.)

Thanks again Kristy!  I'll post some of just the girls tomorrow.


Stephanie V said...

Those are great! But, oh, it does look cold out there.

miradukesadie said...

I love the last one! I don't think I'd ever get my three to stay long enough!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great shots and nice to get the whole family together..


Michelle said...

Great shots. Looks like a really fun photo shoot! But, cold!