Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maybe I'm the Crazy One

A new rescue is forming in Lethbridge.  I'm excited and scared all at once.  The last time I was involved in rescue it was rewarding but also frustrating and at times, all consuming.  But I miss the dogs and I miss helping a worthy cause.  And this time it is going to be better.

I've talked things over with Marlin and he is very supportive (as always!) but doesn't want to be a foster parent.  OK I said. No problem. I don't want to do that either.  But then I came home with Max.  Ooops! The rescue hasn't even officially started and already I'm doing things I said I wouldn't.

Thankfully we managed to escape relatively unscathed.  He went to a new foster home after one night and we weren't given enough time to fall in love.  We are hoping the new foster home is actually a new "real" home so we won't be singing Max's praises until we've given her some time to decide if she wants to keep him.  I have a feeling, she won't be able to resist.  He is a GREAT dog.

As you can see I took him off leash after just having him for one night.  And he listened as well, if not better, than my girls.

He has it all - looks, brains and lots and lots of speed.  He managed to give Coulee a run for her money.


Stephanie V said...

Oh, he's absolutely the handsomest dog. He'll have his new home, for sure!

2Elkies said...

Is there a website or more information available on the new rescue Wendy???