Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Swim

The river has been open for a while but yesterday was the first day when we were down there that I didn't see ice chunks floating downstream so I decided it was safe for swimming.  Last week I just let them get their ankles wet running down the shore line, but yesterday they were able to get all the way in.  Lacey decided on her own that it was still a little chilly for chasing bubbles, but Coulee jumped in with both feet.

And of course, with water comes lots of shaking which means lots of amusing photos.  The last 2 pictures in the series of Coulee below make me laugh - she is still shaking but you can see her getting ready to pick up the ball and go again.

Again, the last one is my favourite...
And just one more set of Coulee for your enjoyment.  :)

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miradukesadie said...

Oh My!!! loll!! The last one of Lacey and the last one of Coulee are almost the same! Even their ears are swinging in the same direction.