Sunday, March 7, 2010

They Must Be Crazy

A few of us went to the PBR Bull Riding last night.  It was a lot of fun.  I brought my camera and took a few videos and lots of pictures.  I had to set the camera at ISO 6400 so the graininess is horrible but you still get a pretty good idea of what is happening.

I have no idea why you would want to try and make a living like this.  So every one gets to ride on bull and the top 10 scores go into the finals. The goal is to last at least 8 seconds.  If you don't make it 8 seconds, you are disqualified.  Some of these guys "worked" about 2 seconds and went home with nothing.  And to top it off you never know if you are going to land on your head, your ass or your feet.  Not to mention the risk of the bull going after you.

The rodeo clowns have been replaced with Bull Fighters.  These guys are equally nuts. If they see the bull heading for the rider, they try and get the bull to chase them instead.  One guy last night had a pretty hard fall but other than that, most of these guys escaped relatively unscathed which I find unbelievable.

Here are a few video clips.  I included a slightly longer one that shows how they get the bull to leave the ring when he is done.  A lot of the bulls know what is expected of them and they just run through the open gate on their own but the guy on the horse had to help quite a few of them find their way home.

The last clip is of the guy who won the event.  I didn't buy a program so I can't tell you who any of the people or bulls are.  Sorry!  Pictures to follow in a later post.

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