Monday, May 10, 2010

I Can't Help It

I can't seem to resist taking dogs off leash. Even when I think and KNOW it isn't the smartest thing to do, I can't stop myself.  In my defense, it has never turned out badly and that is probably why I keep doing it.

Lily is with the Windy City Canine Rescue and being a hound, has a tendency to wander away with her nose to the ground.

But she has also spent 5 months cooped up in an animal shelter so she really needs to get her zoomies out.  And boy did she get her zoomies out today.

She literally ran circles around my girls. Neither of them could catch her.  And she did great. She only wandered off once, and she came back long before I reached panic mode.  :)

For some reason, Lacey has not taken to Lily.  And I can't really figure out why.  Lily does all the things Lacey usually likes in a dog - she runs, she wants to wrestle, and she likes to play tug.  When they occasionally play, I hold my breath as it is more like competition than play (at least in Lacey's mind).  Lily seems fairly oblivious to Lacey's jealousy.

I think Lily had a pretty good day, although she was still in zoomie mode at the end of our walk.  This girl can really run when she puts her mind to it.  And that long line didn't slow her down one bit.


2Elkies said...

All that time in a little kennel? It is heartwarming to see her run like that in your awesome pictures!

Kennedy said...

I enjoy your pictures. They speak volumes of the action and energy of your dogs. Great surroundings.

You know, sometimes two dogs just don't click. There's something there they just don't feel just like we sometimes can't be warm & fuzzy toward someone but maybe can't put our finger on why. It sounds like they are doing okay getting along so far and if their feelings toward one another change, I'm certain you'll see it in their actions.