Monday, July 12, 2010

The Escape Artist

Every year when the weather improves, Lu decides she wants to spend more time outside.  She seems to forget that she is an indoor cat.  If you leave the door open for just a second while trying to call a dog outside or carrying out a plate of food, she takes advantage and slips out.  She can be pretty fast for a chunky girl!  She always runs straight under the deck where we can't reach her.  We used to be able to coax her out with wet food and treats.  Now we have to spray her with water to convince her to run back inside.

To help "curb the urge", I open the window for her so she can sit and smell the outdoors.  It doesn't seem to be helping this year though.

1 comment:

sandyv2222 said...

Grabing a tail works too! Lmao!!