Saturday, July 31, 2010


I remember my first trip to the Prairies as an adult.  I was completely in awe of the Canola fields.  How could you not help but smile at the sight of miles and miles of bright, sunshine yellow.  I never knew a crop could be so pretty.

I've been dying to take pictures of a dog in a Canola field for a few years.  But I never got around to it.  I didn't want to trespass, I didn't want to damage the crop and I had to time it right to boot!

On our way home yesterday, I finally worked up the nerve.  We only spent about 2 minutes in the field and just stayed on the very edge.  I don't think we did any real damage, they seem to be pretty hardy plants, but I don't know. I'd love to go back and get more, but I don't think I can handle the guilt.

Coulee was hilarious in the field.  She felt the urge to bound like a deer the whole time.  It was fun to watch.


Erin said...

Those are great! That almost look fake!!

joven said...

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Anonymous said...

Best photo ever. Seriously awesome and I am so jealous!

Stephanie V said...

I've always loved the canola fields, too. Glad you got up the nerve. These are great!

Taryn said...

GORGEOUS! I would love to see those fields in real life. Somehow I think my corgis would be hard to photograph in there, but I would love trying.

Kristy said...

Fabulous pics Wendy!

BTW - There's a canola field right next to us, so I'll let you know when it's in full bloom, and you can come out and "sneak" into it:) (It was seeded late so probably won't bloom for another couple of weeks:)