Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We've been looking after Tate for a few days and I figured it was time I headed out with my camera and the dogs.  I strapped my camera to my back, grabbed the three leashes and went out to the green strip near our house for some fun and some pictures.

Tate off leash, is kind of the same as Tate on leash.  He moves at his own pace, he sniffs EVERYTHING and pretty much ignores everything around him.

He is always immaculately groomed and I'm sure Jo will be horrified that I took pictures when it has been a few days since a good brushing, but I think he still looks gorgeous.

You can see how crazy high the grass is at the moment.  Most of my photos are when they are walking down the path, otherwise there is grass blocking their faces.

I hope the pictures brighten your day a little bit Jo!  We are all thinking of you.  Lacey would give you a big kiss if you were here but since you aren't, she has been giving them to Tate instead.


onecollie said...

hi my Tater dog!!!!!!, mommy misses you sooooo much !!, thanks for taking such good care of him Wendy, even if he hasn't been brushed :))

Kaitlin Jenkins said...

Hi, I just found your blog- love the photos! Lacey's face in the last picture is precious!

Cheryl said...

Just happened to check blogs a few doors down from mine and found the beautiful photos of your animals - my Sunday afternoon treat! They're beautiful and very loved, I can tell.

Squishy said...

Oh my gosh! I'm surprised Jolene didn't come back early to get her dogs brushed!! I'm waiting for her to come here because I need some help! Pet feet and all.