Sunday, August 22, 2010

Breaking and Entering

We packed up all the pups and headed to Cochrane for the weekend.  We had been planning on going camping, but at the last minute, we decided to stay at Marlin's sister's house.  The only problem was they weren't coming home until Sunday.  Heh heh. So we did a little "minor" breaking and entering.  It isn't breaking in, if you have the door code is it?

Lacey made herself at home within minutes - stealing Izzy's toys and hopping up on the couch for a good chew.

We were hoping to do a hike in Kananaskis this weekend but laziness, coupled with smoke, coupled with more laziness, kept us in Cochrane.

It was a relaxing weekend where we did nothing more than take the dogs for long walks, watch tv and eat great meals.

We left Izzy behind this afternoon as they will be home tonight. Lacey will miss her.  They had a really good time together and played almost every waking moment.

We really enjoyed the Cochrane dog park.  There were quite a few dogs there but they were all very well behaved and well mannered.  We did put their new Ruffwear "Quick Release" collars/leashes to good use though. There were quite a few cyclists (who someone feels needs chasing) and one small screaming child who kept chasing after her schnauzer, who in turn kept chasing after Lacey.  It was a bit of a nightmare actually - I kept trying to move Lacey away from the kid, who kept trying to grab her dog, who kept trying to move closer to Lacey.  Lacey was good - I just didn't want to risk it.

The park had a river as well as lots of grassy areas to play. Coulee thought it was perfect for her fetching needs.

Izzy just sprang around like a little gazelle.  She sproinged up to every dog we met and tried to coax them into a game of chase.  She could usually out run them no problem.

It was fun but we are glad to be home.

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