Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mystery Solved

I recently upgraded my flickr account to the "pro level". i.e. I went from the free option to the $25 a year option. You can only have 200 photos under the free option and after a few years I was finally reaching that limit. One of the benefits of the pro level is that you get to see your stats - what pictures are looked at each day, how people found your pictures, etc.

I had noticed quite a while ago that a picture I took of Coulee last year had way more visits than most. As of today, it has had over 700 views (the one next to it in my stream has had 50 views). I had no idea why. It is nothing special (although I like it), it never made it to Explore, it isn't in any galleries... So why are so many people looking at it?

Well thanks to flickr stats, I now know. Almost every day, some one (some times more than one) types "gold border collie" into Google or Yahoo and comes to look at the picture titled My Golden Border Collie. Weird eh? I wonder why so many people are looking for gold coloured border collies.


Anonymous said...

Ha-ha! That's hilarious!!!


Emilia said...

Pochodzę z Polski.

Czy mogę pożyczyć Twoje zdjęcie na Doggy-Paradise?
Podpiszę je, że pochodzi z Twojego bloga.

Przepraszam za błędy. ;)