Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So usually when the girls get the toy at the same time, this is what happens...

And then Coulee lip curls, and Lacey gives up.  But yesterday something magical happened.  They brought the toy back together.

It wasn't always willingly, but neither one would admit defeat.

And they didn't just do it once.

They did it a few times.

Lacey was usually hauling Coulee along behind her.  Coulee really wanted to do her neurotic sniffing, but had to follow the toy or lose it.

Have you noticed how pleased Lacey looks in all the pictures and how "un-pleased" Coulee looks?  LOL

Coulee tried a few times to stand her ground, but it never worked.

And another miracle happened yesterday too.  They stopped to pose for a picture!

PS - I've remembered why I hate photographing a black dog when it is actually snowing... Every bit of snow between Lacey and the camera totally shows up!


Kristy said...

Great photos - I love the last one where they are posing. It looks like Lacey is showing off:)

Anonymous said...

I like their little snow beards! :)

Taryn said...

I can't imagine dealing with snow already but it sure makes for wonderful photos!

onecollie said...

just love these !!!