Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow Toys

We are quickly learning which toys are not compatible with snow.

I must go through this every winter.

We lost the Lunker the other day.  :(  It got buried in snow and Coulee and I couldn't find it for.  She looked and looked but Lacey's feet began to freeze so we had to abandon it.

So we've switched to the Hydroplane as it won't sink below the snow nearly as easily.

It is also a hit with the girls, but there is no cooperative fetching with this toy.  Lacey always caves to the pressure.  I think it is because they have to hold on to it so close together.

But I love the "amusement factor" of this toy.

Coulee is usually a little more straight laced than Lacey, but the snowy look is funny in itself.

You know it is cold out when the snow IN her mouth hasn't melted!!!

We weren't out there long and I kept them the moving the entire time so they could stay relatively warm.  Thankfully it was enough.  They are now peacefully sleeping next to the nice warm fire.


Stephanie V said...

Lacey is hilarious with that Hydroplane.! And Coulee's white beard tells me it's Brrr!! cold there.

WigglyZack said...

that last picture is hilarious - brilliant