Friday, November 19, 2010

Out of the Deep White Sea

I'm sure the novelty of the pure white background will wear off shortly and I'll be screaming for more colour in my photos but I'm really enjoying the way Lacey looks like she is just popping out of nothing.

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I'm just a little obsessed actually and can't wait to get out there again today to take some more while it isn't actually snowing.

I'm just patiently waiting until it gets above -20 C to venture out.


onecollie said...

well I LOVE it !!

Kristy said...

I love how much dogs love the snow. It's like even old dogs become puppies again in the first snow fall:) Lacey looks very happy - I'm loving her bright red jacket against the snow too.

Deirdre said...

love it!!
Too true about how much dogs love the snow, it's very cute.

Jetta laid down in the snow and it cracked me up cuz she was just a body with no legs. tee hee