Monday, December 20, 2010

Quiet House

My family came to visit this weekend.  They came to meet and take home Micah, but it was great timing for a little pre-Christmas visit as we won't be seeing them on the big day.

Alison dropped the leash and Steve sprang into action to get Micah before she got too far.
I took next to no pictures, but did manage a few yesterday on our walk.

Micah is now securely tied around Ali's waist although I'm not sure if she can see where she is going!
Micah and them hit it off as well as I thought they would.  Micah was so sweet and the girls are so gentle. It was funny to watch her the first night trying to figure out where to sleep.  She stood at the entrance to the girls' room and looked over at me, then back at them, then back at me... and then she walked into the room and curled up with Alison.  It was perfect.

Haven't rabbit ears gone out of style yet?  :)
Micah was in heaven getting pats and belly rubs all weekend long and I know she is going to love it at their house with lots of kids to play with and people to meet.  I think she was bored to tears with our hermit lifestyle.

Can you say perfectly colour coordinated?!
We spent the weekend hanging out with the dogs, shopping, eating and watching Harry Potter.  It was great.

Deb and Marlin are hoping for jobs in the next Sears Catalogue.
It is so quiet now in the house, I'm not sure what to do with myself.  Even the dogs have settled down and aren't bugging me for a walk.  Not yet anyway!

Alison made a great anchor!

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deb said...

The Sears catalogue comment almost made me pee my pants!
Thanks for a great weekend & a long overdue visit. And we can never thank you enough for our newest family member but I guess I can try...THANK YOU! Love, Deb