Friday, December 31, 2010

Family Walk

Marlin and I took the girls out for a walk together today.

We seem to rarely go out together these days.  I walk them by myself during the week and often I'll pawn the "chore" off on him on the weekend unless I meet up with friends.

We really should do it together more often though.  It was great to have company and to have someone else to throw the toy. :)

Coulee got brutal snowballs within minutes - they actually caused her feet to bleed between her toes.  I tried to get the ice out, but it was in there solid.  Poor girl.  She didn't want to slow down though.  I have a feeling the booties will be making a return - what is left of them anyway.  I'm not sure how those rubber Pawz will hold up in the snow, but I guess we'll find out.

Marlin has been teaching Lacey to actually bring the toy back... She doesn't really get it though.  She seems to think she should get a cookie when she puts it down anywhere, not just at his feet.

Coulee never stops to get a cookie.  It is still all about the fetch.  Some things never change.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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