Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Not Freaking Out

Thanks for the comments and emails about Coulee.  So far no test results regarding her auto-immune (they are thinking we won't hear now until next week) but we have discovered that her Creatinine levels are a little high.  So today we've followed up with a urine sample to see if this could just be "normal" for her, or if we should be concerned. (High creatine levels can indicate kidney problems.)

I'm not freaking out yet, but it has been all I've really been thinking about since I heard about the levels last night.  I'm hoping the urine test today will bring some peace of mind and it is taking all my will power to not call the vet to see if they've done the test yet.

Her paw has been good but her nose bleeds happen about every 2nd day. At least that is how often I notice them.  It really is a tiny amount of blood so who knows if it is happening more often and she just isn't leaving any evidence behind.

She has been a little more lethargic this week (barely got up the other day when Jack came back to the house and I would have expected her to be a little more excited than that) and panting a little more out on walks and stopping more for rests but that could be the warmer weather and because I've been throwing the toy down some pretty steep coulees lately.  Not sure if I'm just become paranoid or what, but Marlin has commented on this as well.

I don't mean to be such a downer on the blog. It is just such a good place for me to keep track of what and when stuff is happening.  Feel free to ignore the ramblings and just enjoy the pics.

On a positive note, Coulee has been embracing the warm weather and all the mud that comes with it!  She had her first bath of the season last night.


Lori @ According to Gus said...

I hope everything turns out okay for Coulee, I know how much anxiety it causes when something is wrong. It's such an awful helpless feeling.

Please give Coulee a tummy rub for us!

deb said...

Aww. Hope you have some answers to work with soon. Coulee does seem to have enjoyed the mud but probably not the bath quite as much.

BCxFour said...

I am thinking of you, and Coulee. Sending positive vibes and a few prayers your way.