Friday, March 25, 2011

In Her Rightful Place

I am not a "pack leader" kind of girl.  I don't expect the girls to walk behind me.  I don't expect them to go through doors after I do.  They always eat meals before me. Etc. Etc.

So it always makes me laugh when Lacey tucks in behind me at the dog park. We jokingly say that she is in her "rightful place".

Often I'll stop to check on what she and Coulee are doing, feel a little panicked when suddenly I can't see Lacey, only to discover her right behind me.

She doesn't stay there the whole walk but she is definitely there often on the way back when she has had a good run, a good sniff and a good roll in all the stinky stuff.

I've been trying forever to get a picture of this, but when she does it to Marlin, if I try and get in behind or beside them, she comes to see what is happening.  So the other day I finally had the idea to photograph her from the front while still walking.  It was a little awkward, but I finally have a picture of something that is oh so Lacey.

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