Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hipster Art

Every once in a while I get the urge to shoot from the hip (aka holding the camera without looking to see what you are shooting at).  This usually happens if there is a situation where it is impossible or difficult to get my face where I want the camera to be.

I am rarely disappointed with the results even though the focus and composition is a complete crap shoot.

These were all taken with my 70-200 at a pretty close distance (hence the super narrow depth of field).  I haven't cropped or changed the composition of these in anyway.

I wanted the camera down at the level of the water but I didn't want to dunk down myself and get soaking wet.  (The first one in this post was taken from above without looking because I wasn't ready.  She started to shake and I knew if I took the time to look through the camera and then take the shot I would have missed it completely.)

If you've never tried shooting from the hip, you should!  Expect lots and lots of crappy photos but there will be a few gems.  And you do get better with practice at pointing your camera at things without looking. I'd recommend a wider angle to start as it is easier to get your subject in the photo.

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