Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Morning Walk

I feel like I haven't photographed the girls in ages.  I photographed two dog events, two weekends in a row and it usually takes a while to get my photography mojo back after just one.  :)  It is the editing that kills me and I'll do anything I can to avoid sitting down at the computer - including not taking any more pictures.

But today I felt the urge again.  I've got a date for a dog walk this evening but I'm afraid it is going to rain so I went out this morning, just in case. Lacey was feeling particularly sassy today and Coulee was relatively limp free so it was a good morning.

And just to add some extra excitement to the walk, we saw these guys in the field on the way too and from the park.  They kindly posed for me.

1 comment:

onecollie said...

love the way Coulee's butt looks all fuzzy :)
Awesome shot of the deer!!!!!