Thursday, August 18, 2011


We've had the Hydroplane from Ruffwear for over a year now.  It has lasted so long for a few reasons - 1) It spent a lot of time in Marlin's vehicle so I didn't take it out (and he only walks the dogs once a week at best), 2) I can't throw it very far, so I don't like to throw it  3) I find fabric toys get really dirty, really fast and then look crappy in photos, so I tend to avoid them and 4) It floats AWESOME!

The Zisc from West Paw Design is by far my favourite frisbee.  It flies great, it stays clean and Lacey also likes playing with it.  But we've lost more than a few this year because it floats just on top of the water.  And because it is easy to throw, I tend to throw it far into the river. Coulee then loses sight of it and off it goes on a journey to Medicine Hat.

The Hydroplane on the other hand sucks on dry land.  Sorry Ruffwear, but it just doesn't fly very far.  But in the water it is perfect.  I can throw it as hard as I want and it won't be too far away and it sits on top of the water.  There is no way Coulee is going to lose sight of it.

So these past few walks we've been taking it out (frankly I started taking it because it was the only frisbee I had left!  LOL).  The nice thing about Coulee's fetching style is that on dry land, she drops the toy at my feet and then takes off in a super big arch. I wait until she finally circles back and then throw the frisbee.  Even though Coulee gets a good run, there is just no satisfaction with the Hydroplane - it doesn't go very far, and I look like a schmuck who can't throw.  :)  With the Zisc, we can get some long throws and graceful catches.

But in the river, this thing just shines.  I love it.  We won't be losing this thing any time soon. The other really great thing about the Hydroplane is that it is always good for a laugh.  Seriously.  Give your dog a big donut toy, sit back and let the giggles take you away.  It will snap you out of any bad mood.

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