Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Big Smile

We live on the edge of a park and unfortunately with the direction of the winds, we usually get any of the loose garbage in the park, packed up against our fence.  The city clears it out regularly in the summer months, but in the winters we can rarely open up our back gate due to all the crap out there.  It is kind of a pet peeve of ours but occasionally something fun comes our way.

The other morning I looked outside and saw a giant yellow smiley face looking back at me.  Every time I looked out the window, I just had to smile seeing it out there.  I knew it would blow Lacey's little brain to play with it, so I brought it into the yard...

When the craziness started to get too much, I would pick up the ball.  This is what happened when I did.

I asked Marlin after, if he had heard Lacey (she did a high pitched bark the whole time she chased the ball too) and he informed me the entire neighbourhood could hear.  Ooops!

Coulee also got in on the fun, although Lacey was never far away.

Coulee stopped to lay claim to the ball and do her neurotic sniffing, much to Lacey's horror.

Coulee was the one to kill it in the end, although Lacey took all the glory.


WigglyZack said...

Happy smily faces all around I'd say and then the inevitable pop!!! Too cute. Sometimes things that are free are the most fun!!!

K-Koira said...

Wow, looks like they were having a great time with the present that rolled in the back door!

Taryn said...

If you hadn't posted the "popped" picture at the end, I was going to ask how in the world that ball stayed intact. Wilson kills that kind of ball in a matter of seconds! Jimmy is afraid of big balls because a neighbor's kid nailed him with a soccer ball (accidently) one time when he was a pup.

onecollie said...

I can hear Lacey squeeling just by looking at the pictures!!! Damn she is cute!!

Marlene said...

So there are more nutty ball dogs out there! Max has popped many an exercise ball and others. Lucky you got a friendly free-bee!

Mary Lou said...

Yep. It LOOKS like that ball blew Lacey's little brain away.... Then COULEE blew the ball!! ;op
Thanks for sharing. Your pictures brought smiles and laughter to MY face!! :)

Stacey said...

Lacey is SO cute!

Really want to get one of them balls for my two!