Thursday, February 2, 2012

Open the Flood Gates

We have been looking after my sister's family's dog Micah for about a week now.  We fostered her last year when she was in rescue and Coulee and Lacey loved her.  This summer however, Lacey went after Micah once while on vacation and it really surprised and worried me.  We haven't let Lacey around strange dogs ever since (she had 2 prior incidents at the dog park and this was the final straw).

So while I was pretty sure we could manage all the dogs together, I wasn't sure if they would actually rekindle their friendship.  It took a few days but they are now best buds again.

In fact, I can't seem to get them to stop playing.  It is great, but the problem is Coulee.  She always wants to get in on the action as a third wheel which means Lacey gets the crap beat out of her.  So to keep Coulee occupied while the other ones are playing, I'm forced to either put her in a stay (which is no fun for her or me as I have to be constantly reinforcing it) or play fetch.

I think it is Coulee's plan - get them to wrestle, so I'm forced to play fetch.  I gotta hand it to her, it's working.

And Lacey and Micah are having the time of their lives.

Coulee of course, is shocked at my allegations.