Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sled Dogs

I couldn't sit around and be near a whole bunch of dogs without taking pictures... You knew that right?

We needed a picture of Kira for the website - I think we finally have a winner!

I love how so many of them had multi-coloured eyes 
This girl was super unique looking

The top of the house always provides the best view.

This girl had run in the morning and was pretty sure she'd rather stay home than go out again.

I missed the information about how Jaws loves to eat anything and everything.  He stole my mitten off my hand and promptly tried to swallow it whole.  

I LOVE this picture Amanda took while sitting in the sled.  They are wondering what the hold up is.
Another one Amanda took... I like the way the other dogs are looking at him like he's nuts.  

Pulling us around is hard work you know!

This is Sam and her sister (can't remember her name).  Their expressions are pretty clear about how they feel about each other.  LOL.


onecollie said...

the "girl" in the house is a boy :)
I love the picture of Kira!

Mary Lou said...

Beautiful dogs.... Every one of them.... Just gorgeous.... ;op

K-Koira said...

Love the pictures. And I so wish I could go dog sledding!

giorno26 ¸¸.•*¨*•. said...

Wow !
Che dire ?
Sono semplicemente meravigliosi !!!
Myriam :))

Charlene and Storm said...

wow fantastic pictures, what beautiful dogs, i love the two separate eye colours xxx