Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finding the Balance

The issues with Coulee's feet come and go.  They've looked pretty good these past few months, but recently have cycled back to a painful stage.

They've looked worse, but at the moment, she tends to be quite tender after walks.  She doesn't show much limping (if any) during the walk, but after we get home she hobbles around the house. I don't for sure if the hobbling is caused by pain in her feet, or if it is joint pain, or muscle stiffness or what, but the state of her feet always coincides with the hobbling at home.

As always, I'm struggling to find the balance between enough exercise and too much exercise.  Part of the problem is that she doesn't act sore while out on a walk so sometimes I don't even think about the potential consequences later.  When she cycles into this stage, it always seems to take me a few weeks to get back into the groove of what is a good amount of exercise and what is too much.

I'm also trying to figure out what Coulee would prefer - doing what she loves and be a little sore later, or having an OK time and being less sore, or doing nothing and not being sore at all.  I guess it comes down to whether she'd like a life with highs and lows or one that is just kind of OK - nothing too fun, but nothing too painful either.

The age old question - Should you live life with gusto, despite the consequences or play it safe?

I don't think life is that black and white.  For me, even if I try and live life with gusto there are always responsibilities that keep me grounded whether I like it or not.  Things like paying the bills, maintaining my relationships, looking after those who are my responsibility, etc. Whether I like it or not, getting older seems to mean getting more grounded.  I'm know there are people who avoid that "trap" - people without kids, or pets, or mortgages who can literally get up and go at the drop of a hat, but I also know they are trading off stuff for that lifestyle too.

I think the key is finding a balance.  Having fun and living life to the fullest, without compromising your future happiness.  In Coulee's case, life is a little more black and white, but for now it will mean a little less fun on walks in the short term, so hopefully she can continue to have fun in the long term.


WigglyZack said...

Great post. The ups and downs and not knowings I hear ya!!

Stephanie V said...

Very thoughtful post. I'm sure it would be a better world if everyone put as much thought into the quality of their pets' lives. Or their own.

onecollie said...

Great post Wendy, I know when Tate was feeling stiff & sore a few years back I made the decision to let him enjoy doing whatever he wanted, even if he was sore later. I would up his meds, I figure our dogs lives are short enough, so I wanted him to be happy doing whatever he wanted .
Sorry you are going through all this crap with Coulee at such a young age :(
She sure looks happy out doing what she loves :)
You're a good momma!

Mary Lou said...

Very good. Very, very, very good. ;-}
Get all better, Coulee!! ;op