Thursday, March 1, 2012

Secret Weapon

Coulee and I are going to start doing a Rally Obedience class tomorrow night.  It has been years since we've done a class together.  I think it will go OK, but when I think back to her younger years at training classes, all I can remember is a wild child who wouldn't sit still and wait for her turn.  We used to practice endless sits, downs, high fives, etc. while waiting for the other dogs to go because she just couldn't settle and wait patiently.  I couldn't watch any of the other students, or listen to what the instructors were saying because I had to focus on keeping her busy.  We finally started bringing a crate to class so she could sit in there when it wasn't her turn and that made thing so much better.  Unfortunately I don't think this is that kind of class but I'm pretty sure she has matured passed all that.  Fingers crossed.

Rally is essentially a lot of heeling and basic obedience commands.  Coulee is pretty good at the commands, not so good at the heeling as we never practice it.  But I have a secret weapon that I can fit in my pocket. I just need to flash it once and I have Coulee's undying attention and she will not stray from my side. It is even powerful enough to get two dogs to heel side by side without me even saying a word.

Cuz, I think I love you.


Taryn said...

That's a really cute picture!

I could never try side by side heeling with a "secret weapon"...It would devolve into a fight pretty quickly :-(

deb said...

Isn't that cheating? ;)

Paws on the Run said...

It isn't cheating in practice! :)