Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Ball

I distracted Coulee with a frisbee the other day and while she was off fetching and sniffing, I brought out a baby tennis ball for Lacey.  She was soooooo happy to play with it.

For Coulee, a ball trumps any other toy... and a small ball is the best of all.  Once she spots it, she won't want anything else.

So we had to be sneaky about it. Every time Coulee came back, I scooped up the ball and put it in my pocket.

She knew she was missing out on something but couldn't quite figure it out.  But then Lacey started squeaking the toy.

 And the game was over for Lacey.

Poor, poor Lacey.  She was forced to play with the frisbee instead.  Doesn't she look depressed.  ;)


Unknown said...

That is sweet and we loved the pictures. Have a happy Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

onecollie said...

lol! love Lacey with her little Lacey sized ball!!!! ♥

Andrea said...

Aw, what's good sport!

deb said...

Lacey had to tempt fate by squeaking the ball eh? The pic with Coulee & Lacey together cracks me up.

Charlene and Storm said...

ahhh poor lacey xxx baby balls are the best, stormy has lots xxx