Thursday, July 12, 2012

Failed Experiment

I thought I'd have some super fun photos to show you today.... but not so much.

I bought the girls a pool the other day and yesterday morning, I filled it up and dropped the GoPro on the bottom (it has a waterproof case).

The first problem was the dogs just ignored the pool.  No one wanted to go in.  I tried throwing toys but they would just reach over the edge to grab it.

So I cut up a hotdog and started tossing bits in. That did the trick pretty quick!

Then I took a few pictures with the camera out of the water just for fun.

Coulee was pretty convinced that they may have missed a hotdog piece.

After we were out of hotdog, I ran inside with the GoPro to see what fun stuff I'd captured.  Um yeah.  That sucked.  So then I decided maybe the sun was too bright above and that we should try again in a shady spot.  So I dumped out the pool, moved it over and tried again.

This time the girls knew what was expected of them.  LOL.

But this time the underwater ones were soooo bad, I didn't even keep one to show you. Ah well.  The girls enjoyed their hotdogs at least.


onecollie said...

I like those first couple of shots of Coulee, can't really make Lacey out but Coulee's nose looks cute!

Unknown said...

Cool shots and cool pool.
Best wishes Molly

Andrea said...

I know it wasn't your goal, but the picture of them standing side by side in the pool is priceless!