Friday, July 6, 2012


Sometimes Coulee's patience surprises me.  Here Lacey "tries" to steal the frisbee out of Coulee's mouth.  I say "tries" because she would never dare and I've never seen her make contact with a toy that is already in Coulee's mouth.  Lacey just does it to bug Coulee.

But Lacey's second attempt at goading her sister is met with a clearer message.  Coulee is not enjoying this as much as Lacey is.

But the funniest part to me was their expressions moments after the big lip curl. Coulee looks so damn satisfied with herself!


ItsHER92 said...

Lovely photos of your seriously cute dogs! Wish I had a dog so badly :(

Constance said...

Paisley would have taken it out of Coulee's mouth ; )