Friday, December 7, 2012

Boring as Snot

Yup. Boring as snot. That is what my life has been this past week.  I've been walking in the same old spot, taking the same old pictures, going to the same old job and coming home and going to bed early because I've just been so darn tired for some reason!  Then I wake up super early and am tired the next day. I can't seem to break the cycle.

The girls at least are still having fun.  Coulee's feet have been pain free for about a month now.  Yippee.  It is the longest stretch we've had in a long, long time and we've been doing lots of running and fetching while we can.  I've been afraid to mention it and therefore ruin the streak but I fear the streak is ruined anyway.  She was running along fabulously yesterday until suddenly she wasn't.  She didn't seem to be in pain last night but we are taking the day off today anyway just in case.  She's got two big cracks - one in each back foot - that I think have finally hit the pain threshold.

Lacey is being as cute and sassy as ever.  Her and Jack have been having fun evenings together spooning and linking all their limbs together.  It has been super cute but I can't get a picture because I'm usually in bed with them and getting up would ruin the moment.

I'm going to attempt some posed Christmas shots this weekend with the girls.  It will either be awesome or super frustrating.  I'm hoping for awesome but we'll see.  Posing is not my forte although it is nice to work with dogs that actually know how to stay. I'm going to be playing around with Christmas lights bokeh and I don't know what I'm doing so wish me luck.  :)

Oh and I managed to not have the time and/or energy for 3 days in a row for the I Heart Faces photo thing so I guess that project is down the tubes.  I might still try and tackle some of them but at the rate I'm going it doesn't look good.

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Taryn said...

LOL! You are the queen of the action shots, so no wonder your dogs don't want to pose :-) And I am sure you will ROCK the Christmas light bokeh will how well you know your camera!