Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Photo Challenge

So I'm going to attempt the I Heart Faces photo challenge... It is kind of a crazy month to be doing this in, but I've been getting stuck in a rut lately and I'm hoping this will help kick start me out.

So seeing at it is December 1, I started with a self portrait.  Or at least I attempted a self portrait.  As always seems to happen when I haul the camera out, I get visitors.

I'm a pretty lazy photographer... I was too lazy to get the remote so I attempted some hand held ones - which of course never look good.

Then I went and got the remote.  It didn't seem to help.  LOL

Oh well.  The entire month of pictures can't go this badly can they?


Taryn said...

I look forward to your month of photos! This will fun.

Cedar said...

Looks like a fun challenge Wendy, looking forward to seeing you tackle it! Photo #2 is really good, choked me up a little for some reason. I think yo really captured you and Coulee very nicely. :)


Hydro Blogger said...

I love challenges like this because they make us think completely differently than usual. Don't think those self-portraits turned out so badly at all! Look forward to the next 30 pics