Sunday, December 16, 2012

Camera Hangover

Well it probably isn't so much a camera hangover as an editing hangover.  It tends to happen after events.  I foolishly thought this past weekend's event wouldn't be as bad (in terms of a hangover) but it took me 6 days to feel the urge to pick up the camera again.  Part of that was lack of time, but mainly it was just not feeling like it.

But the event was worth  the hangover.  The pictures turned out great, we amazingly stayed on schedule and everyone seems happy.  We raised around $450 for the rescue and I'm pleased with that.  From conception to end (getting products out), it took 6 days - which is the way I like things.  Short and sweet.

You can see some of the pictures on the Paws on the Run Facebook page.  They aren't in an album which makes referring back a bit of a pain but I can't seem to figure out how to create an album after the fact.  Or at least I don't have the patience to figure it out at the moment. :) Most of the recent photos are from the event so you won't have too much scrolling to do if you want to go see them.

Yesterday we went out to our favourite walking place.  I have a client session there today and I wanted to make sure things were still nice out there.  I'm glad I went.  There isn't much beach left!  Most of it is covered by hard, wind blown snow but we enjoyed the patch of sand we managed to find.

Coulee only got a few throws of the Frisbee but we both made the most of them.

If she could dial back her enthusiasm a little bit, she might be able to handle a few more tosses but she is an all or nothing kind of girl.

It was the first time this year I was under-dressed for the weather. It was only supposed to be -1 C but it was sooo windy and sooo cold.  My fingers were freezing and even my thighs were numb despite the lined, windproof pants I was wearing. I'll definitely be dressing a little warmer for today's session!

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